SITEGreen Solutions, LLC is a site sustainability and green infrastructure consulting practice founded in 2015 by former OLIN Partner Steve Benz. With over 35 years in the fields of civil engineering and landscape architecture, Steve brings a wealth and diversity of expertise to site development planning and construction projects. Leveraging Steve’s background of leadership in the sustainable site development community through his experience in leading the development of LEED® and SITES™, SITEGreen Solutions helps clients develop plausible yet cutting-edge green infrastructure solutions that can achieve their sustainability objectives.

SITEGreen specializes in helping landscape architects and civil engineers achieve sustainable site development goals on their project. With his unique point of view being a registered civil engineer who works extensively with landscape designers, Steve can “bridge” between the disciplines to effectively collaborate with both designers and engineers to develop performative sustainable site solutions. As an licensed civil engineer, he understands the role of performance in design, and works to develop tangible and measurable sustainability goals for his projects. Once ideas are developed, designs are constantly checked throughout the design development process against the green goals established early on.

Steve’s most successful collaborations have resulted in several award-winning and head-turning projects, including the Ray and Maria Stata Center at MIT, Yale’s LEED Platinum Kroon Hall, and SITES™-certified Washington Canal Park—a contemporary example of urban green infrastructure applied at the eco-district level.
Services include (but are not limited to!):

  • On-site training—SITES ™ and Green Infrastructure topics
  • Project consulting—Green Infrastructure and site sustainability
  • Project assistance—civil engineering liaison/sustainable design strategies
  • Planning and Design development—integrated water management systems
  • SITES™ and LEED® certification assistance
  • Site sustainability calculations– water balances/ irrigation savings
  • Rainwater management—Green Infrastructure design and calculations